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Cranberry Martini Drink Recipe


  • 2 oz vodka
  • 1 oz cranberry juice
  • 1/2 oz triple sec
  • Splash of lime juice
  • Fresh cranberries for garnish


  1. Fill a shaker with ice.
  2. Add vodka, cranberry juice, triple sec, and lime juice to the shaker.
  3. Shake well and strain into a chilled martini glass.
  4. Garnish with fresh cranberries and enjoy!

What makes the Cranberry Martini Cocktail drink special: The Cranberry Martini is a popular and flavorful variation of the classic vodka martini. The tartness of the cranberry juice adds a refreshing twist to the traditional cocktail, while the splash of triple sec and lime juice gives it a citrusy kick. The vibrant red color also makes it a festive drink for holidays and special occasions.

History of the drink: The exact origins of the Cranberry Martini are unknown, but it is believed to have gained popularity in the 1990s. The use of cranberry juice in cocktails has a long history, however, dating back to the early 1900s when it was often mixed with gin to create a popular drink called the Cape Codder.

10 FAQs:

  1. What type of vodka should I use in a Cranberry Martini? It’s recommended to use high-quality vodka for the best flavor. Some popular options include Grey Goose, Belvedere, and Ketel One.
  2. Can I substitute the triple sec with another orange liqueur? Yes, you can use Cointreau or Grand Marnier as a substitute for triple sec.
  3. How should I garnish my Cranberry Martini? Fresh cranberries are a popular choice for garnishing a Cranberry Martini, but you can also use a twist of lime or a slice of orange.
  4. Is it okay to use bottled lime juice instead of fresh lime juice? Fresh lime juice is preferred, but bottled lime juice can be used in a pinch.
  5. Can I use a cranberry cocktail instead of cranberry juice? While cranberry cocktail is sweeter and less tart than cranberry juice, it can be used as a substitute in a Cranberry Martini.
  6. Should I shake or stir my Cranberry Martini? It’s best to shake a Cranberry Martini to fully mix the ingredients and create a frothy texture.
  7. Can I make a pitcher of Cranberry Martinis for a party? Yes, you can easily make a batch of Cranberry Martinis in a pitcher by multiplying the recipe and stirring the ingredients together.
  8. How many calories are in a Cranberry Martini? The calorie count of a Cranberry Martini can vary depending on the ingredients and proportions used. On average, it contains around 200 calories.
  9. Can I make a non-alcoholic version of a Cranberry Martini? Yes, you can make a non-alcoholic Cranberry Martini by substituting the vodka with sparkling water or soda and adding a dash of cranberry juice.
  10. What food pairs well with a Cranberry Martini? The tartness of the Cranberry Martini pairs well with salty or savory foods, such as cured meats, cheeses, and bruschetta. It also goes well with seafood and poultry dishes.

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